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Cool Room Terms and Conditions

Delivery & Installation:

Gold Coast Events & Party Hire delivers & installs all cool rooms for the convenience of our customers. As cool rooms take up to several hours to refrigerate some products, customers are advised to consider delivery well in advance of their event or stock cool room with pre chilled beverages & perishables.

It is the customer/hirer’s responsibility to check that the delivery date & address clearly stated on the invoice/booking form is correct. The hirer will be charged additionally for any inconvenience incurred due to incorrect delivery address or dates where our representative may attend & is unable to complete delivery.

A level site with acceptable vehicular access is required for cool room hire. The hirer is obliged to ensure our vehicle has unrestricted access to the installation point where our cool room can be safely locked in place without the possibility of becoming bogged or being damaged by trees or falling branches. Should our representative arrive onsite to find this is not the case, they may decline to install the cool room at their discretion & no refund will be given.

For safety purposes a wheel clamp will be supplied to lock the cool room in place. At no time is the wheel clamp to be removed without the express written permission of Gold Coast Events & Party Hire.

To install & operate cool room, power must be accessible within 25m of the set up site. A standard 3 point, 10amp power socket is required. Failing this a dedicated generator no less than 3KVA must be provided. The cool room will be taken off site & refund will not be provided if power is not accessible.

In the event that the cool room is to be delivered & installed in a public place such as a park or council land etc. it is the responsibility of the hirer to procure the relevant permits required. Gold Coast Events & Party Hire will require copies of said documents prior to delivery. Further to this any fines or penalties as a result of incorrect or unlawful positioning of cool room will be at the hirer’s expense.

By confirming coolroom hire the customer authorises Gold Coast Events & Party Hire to access the property stated on the booking/invoice for both delivery & collection. This authority extends to our vehicles, coolrooms & other hire equipment. Although all reasonable care will be taken Gold Coast Events & Party Hire are in no way liable to the hirer or any third parties for damages caused by our vehicle or equipment as a result of delivery & collection.


The hirer must ensure that Gold Coast Events & Party Hire has unhindered access to the property in order to retrieve cool room & other hire equipment on the collection/end date stated on the invoice/booking form. Should our representative attend the property on the specified collection date & not have access, an additional collection fee will be charged & an additional day’s hire fee may be incurred.


Prior to collection the hirer must ensure the inside of the coolroom is properly cleaned & in the same condition as it was received. A minimum fee of $50 will apply for cleaning with additional fees for extensive cleaning charged at a rate of $1.00 per minute.

We would prefer not to charge our clients a cleaning fee. We would also prefer not to pay our staff to clean coolrooms. Unfortunately our staff will not work for free; therefore this expense will be passed on to the hirer.

Use & Operation:

At all times coolrooms & any additional hire equipment should be used in a proper, lawful & responsible fashion. The hirer is obliged to ensure that the site is secure to prevent damage, vandalism or theft of all Gold Coast Events & Party Hire’s property.

At no time are Gold Coast Events & Party Hire’s logos, labels or advertising to be covered, removed or defaced. Nor should our coolroom’s internal fixtures, registration plates, spare wheels or external housing be tampered with.

Ensure that the coolroom door is not left open for extended periods of time.

In the rare event that the coolroom should fail to refrigerate or break down the hirer will not under any circumstance make any attempt to repair the equipment without the express written permission of Gold Coast Events & Party Hire.

Breakdown & 24 hour Emergency Call Out:

The hirer has a duty of care to make certain that the equipment hired is suitable for the intended purpose & they are satisfied that the equipment is in good working order upon installation. Should the hirer be unavailable at the time of delivery then they agree in good faith that Gold Coast Events & Party Hire have delivered & installed equipment in good working order or provide a nominee to accept & sign for delivery as their proxy.

In the event that the coolroom fails or breaks down the hirer should contact Gold Coast Events & Party Hire immediately, making no attempt to repair equipment without our express written permission.

Gold Coast Events & Party Hire will repair or replace the coolroom at no cost to the hirer if the failure is found to be caused by reasonable wear & tear & not misuse or negligence by the hirer. If a repair or replacement cannot be affected immediately Gold Coast Events & Party Hire will provide a full refund of the breakdown period.

In the event that the failure or breakdown is caused by negligence or misuse of the hirer, replacement &/or repair will be at the expense of the hirer.

Gold Coast Events & Party Hire do not replace or reimburse funds for spoiled stock nor do we assume responsibility to relocate perishables should a breakdown occur. Gold Coast Events & Party Hire are not in any way obliged to recompense the hirer for any damages or losses as a result of breakdown or failure of the coolroom. This extends to wear & tear, negligence on the part of gold Coast Events & Party Hire or for any other reason.

Damage to Coolrooms & Equipment:

The hirer has a duty of care in regards to the security, proper use & reasonable maintenance of equipment during the hire period. Any damage or loss of equipment during this time is the hirer’s responsibility. The hirer will recompense Gold Coast Events & Party Hire for any & all expenses incurred as a result of damage or theft whilst in the hirer’s care.

Injury or Damage to property:

The hirer shall accept all responsibility for any injury to persons or damage to property that may arise by the use of any equipment hereby hired, however such injury may occur or be caused.

The hirer indemnifies Gold Coast Events & Party hire in relation to all damages, expenses & claims by any & all third parties & their property.

Cancellations & Refunds:

All deposits & payments are considered final & non-refundable upon cancellation as other bookings are likely to have been declined.

Gold Coast Events & Party Hire understand that sometimes circumstances are out of our control & events dates must be changed or postponed. In this case we are happy to transfer previous payments & hire period to a mutually convenient date at no additional charge.

In the event that Gold Coast Events & Party Hire believes the customer has provided ample notice, giving us reasonable time to rehire the equipment a refund will be provided less an administration fee of $50.00.

Cancellation within 14 days of booking date will not be entitled to a refund under any circumstances. All other cancellations will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Long Term Hire:

Gold Coast Events & Party Hire are happy to offer a discount on standard rates for long term hire (price upon application). Credit card details are required as security. Failing this a credit authority must be completed, signed & checked before commencement of hire period.

As a condition of long term hire all accounts must be paid 14 days in advance & remain 14 days in advance at all times. In the event where accounts fall into arrears without prior agreement between the customer& Gold Coast Events & Party Hire the discounted rate will become null & void with invoices reissued at standard hire rates.

If the customer does not settle their account in the agreed manner any expenses incurred by Gold Coast Events & Party hire in the attempt to recover payments will be at the hirer’s expense. This includes but is not limited to solicitors, collection agencies, reasonable commissions, legal fees & disbursements.

Gold Events & Party Hire reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 9% on the total amount owing, each 14 days, on any amount outstanding past the hire dates.

Termination of Hire:

All coolrooms & equipment remain under the control of Gold Coast Events & Party Hire at all times & can be removed or recovered at our discretion without warning or prior notice, should we deem it necessary or where we believe injury may result otherwise.

Gold Coast Events & Party Hire may terminate the hire & repossess the equipment where:

By proceeding with booking & paying hire fee customers agree to the terms & conditions outlined above